Why would you consider buying a home at this time?

Why would you consider buying a home at this time, in this economy?
The reasons are the same as at any other time.
  • You want to move out of your parent’s basement
  • You pay too much rent
  • Your family is growing
  • You are now an empty nester
  • You are retiring
  • You are relocating
  • You can now afford your dream home
  • You need more room for a shop, boat, garden, chickens, whatever
  • You just need a change
Purchasing and/or selling a home is usually an emotional decision so it sure helps to have facts to back it up. So, is now the time?
  • Home prices are the most reasonable in years and there are great deals to be had
  • A well priced home sells in any market
  • Interest rates are the lowest on record
  • HST is not applicable on older homes
If you are contemplating moving to a home that better suits your needs let me help you find one. Remember a buyers agent works for you and is paid by the seller’s Real Estate company when you find your new home. The buyer does not pay commission to the Realtor.

If you are contemplating selling your home then call me and I will get you the fair market value for your home and design a custom marketing plan to sell it as quickly as possible.
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