Vancouver Island - The Big Island on the West Coast of Canada

Everyone knows about Victoria, the capital of BC. It is known for its beautiful gardens, grand hotels and the parliament buildings. But Victoria is the city at the south end of the island, there is much more to this island than just Victoria.

As a kid my world centered on the Cowichan Valley, that may sound like a small world but the Cowichan Regional District spans 3,474 square kilometers or 1,341 square miles. If it was a country it would be the 178 largest. That’s right, our little regional district is larger than 71 internationally recognized countries. Take that Luxembourg and Samoa.

Cowichan is easily one of the most beautiful parts of Canada and in my opinion, with its temperate climate, one of the most livable parts of the world. We have some of the finest boating you will ever find. The Southern Gulf Islands are our front yard and 20 mile long Lake Cowichan is our freshwater backyard. And if you want some serious west coast adventure then hike the West Coast Trail, our western border with the Pacific Ocean. The main theme here is water, water for fishing, boating, surfing, kayaking, hiking, mountain biking and more, much more.

All of this water makes for some rich and fertile farm lands and some of the finest wine growing areas in Canada. The mid Island area is also known for it excellent local cuisine and great restaurants. Do you like seafood paired with a Pinot Grigio? Do you like tender lamb chops with an herb and goat cheese salad. Perhaps a distinct red wine like Matrix created by Alderlea Vineyards from their hybrid Cab Sav and Cab Franc vines? Fantastic with lamb. Or Merridale Cider, we can’t forget our local apple and pear ciders. How about some of the best vegetarian East Indian cuisine or a West Coast First Nations salmon barbeque? It is all here and it is all local, fresh and delicious.

Take a look at the video on my website and get to know this beautiful part of this beautiful big Island.  When you are done, give me a call. You can reach me direct at 250-739-3887. Come and see my beautiful Island and maybe, just maybe you will be lucky enough to find your own little place in our great big paradise.

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