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Letter of Support for Island Corridor Foundation

Re:  Vancouver Island Rail Service

Dear Prime Minister Harper

Residents of Vancouver Island have been seriously impacted by reductions of traditional employment such as forestry and fishing, the economic downturn has only made this worse. Unemployment in Nanaimo was 12.1 % in 2011. Any opportunity to create or preserve employment should be considered to offset the social and economic impact of such high levels of unemployment.

I was born in Ladysmith BC and my first home was less than 100 metres from the train tracks. As a child the sound of the train passing in the night was comforting, letting me know that everything was still normal in the world. I travelled on the old “Dayliner” many times over the years. My wife and I moved back to Ladysmith in 2010. We were saddened to find the train no longer ran. I miss the sound and the option of taking the train to Victoria to visit family or to go up island for a day trip. I believe that the train is an important link between our communities here on Vancouver Island.

We fully support the Ladysmith Chamber of Commerce in their resolution:

“We the Board of Directors of the Ladysmith Chamber of Commerce, wish to express our unqualified and emphatic support for the "7.5 Million Dollar Rail Infrastructure Application" of the Island Corridor Foundation to maintain rail on Vancouver Island. Your administrations support of Island Rail will ensure 10 years of renewed passenger service and the opportunity to aggressively expand freight, commuter, and tourist rail operations well into the future.”


We look forward to your support of Vancouver Island residents and business by way of your approval of the ICF application to maintain and improve our rail service.



Gerry and Eileen Beltgens

Ladysmith, BC


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