10 Reasons Why Your Home is Not Selling

So you have had your house on the market for 3 months and it has not sold. Other houses in your area sold, why not yours. Here are 10 possible reasons your why house is not selling:

  1. There are a lot of houses on the market and your house does not stand out
  2. You need a new roof
  3. Your basement smells like mould
  4. You have no colour sense; Use neutral colours if you decide to repaint
  5. The kitchen and bathrooms are too small, dated and worn out - deadly sins
  6. The renovations are amateurish; if you don’t have the skill, don’t practice on your house.
  7. No curb appeal; Your yard is a mess, your gutters leak and your paint is fading.
  8. You are a smoker, your dog smells and your cat urinates on the carpet. You may not notice it but everyone else does.
  9. The other bedrooms you advertised are in a basement with a 6 foot ceiling; They don’t count
  10. The biggest reason your house is not selling is that it is priced too high for the market. You can overcome all of the items above if your house is priced right for the conditions. How does your house compete with the other homes in your price range? Are the others selling? If they are and yours isn’t then your price is too high. Period, that’s it.

If your REALTOR told you that your house should be priced at X and you tell the REALTOR that you want X plus $25,000.00, don’t blame the REALTOR when your house does not sell.


DIY Renovations Kill Home Sales
Almost every time I go on a home tour I come across amateur home renovations.  I am sure that too many people watch reality shows about quick fix-ups and flipping homes. Bad renovations can be deal killers. Bad renovations are often done without permits and are used to hide more serious issues. Experienced REALTORS recognize the signs. When I represent the buyer I will spot those signs and let my client know, then be prepared for a lowball offer if you get one at all.

If your house needs updating or you want to make some renovations then get a pro. If you want to do it yourself then make sure you have the skills or you will pay the price when you try and sell your home. 

Note: Clean your house before the REALTOR brings a buyer, you are in a competition and the other sellers will.

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